Gigster Alternatives And Competitors


Gigster is a highly recognised software development platform that specialises in assembling dev teams for hire that can be utilised to get tech projects built on demand. Based off of San Francisco, Gigster was founded by Roger Dickey and Debo Olaosebikan in 2013 and the company ensures high quality output by bringing on only the most elite tech talents onto their platform. In fact, joining the Gigster network is by invitation only, and this allows them to find the best developers and designers out there, who are working for top tier tech companies and bring them onboard their platform.


Clients can outsource the development of an entire project to the highly vetted and elite developers, project managers and designers at Gigster and require very little engagement from the client’s end. Gigster is well known for its AI-powered infrastructure that determines project quotations and assists in the dev team assemblance for your project.


Brief Overview of Gigster’s Offerings:

  • Specialises in assembling dev teams that undertake your entire project
  • Access to an elite pool of highly vetted developers
  • Dev team assembled in 1 to 2 weeks
  • Project manager assigned for every undertaking to oversee development on behalf of client
  • AI technology that provides project quotations and matches clients with ideal dev team
  • Project dashboard that allows clients to stay updated on progress


Why Should You Hire Tech Talent From Gigster?

Gigster offers a simplified development process where clients can outsource their entire tech project to an elite dev team, most of whom are working for companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, and are graduates from some of the most prestigious tech colleges in the world. 

Gigster is one of the few tech talent platforms that offers a full fledged dev team for every project. At their $52,000 minimum per project price point, Gigster offers a project manager to oversee the entire process so that you wouldn’t have to spend your time taking care of its day-to-day needs. While other talent platforms in the market also offer the ability to hire project managers and designers in addition to developers, you have to hire these individuals separately. Whereas Gigster’s tech team is all inclusive making it more of an on-the-go outsourcing solution to get your projects developed.


How Much Does Gigster Cost?

Gigster has a minimum project fee of $52,000 thereby discouraging any short term engagements that fall below that price point. Gigster utilises an AI-driven project quotation system to estimate the cost of the project based on certain criteria gathered from the client. However, this does not always provide an accurate estimate and most past clients have commented on the final cost of Gigster projects far exceeding the initial quotation.   


How Long Does it Take to Hire Talent Through Gigster?

Due to Gigster’s focus on assembling dev teams  that are inclusive of developers, project managers and designers to build projects from scratch, putting together the most suitable team for your needs can take some time. It is estimated that hiring a dev team through Gigster takes between 1 to 2 weeks.  


Why Consider Gigster Alternatives for Your Developer Hiring Requirements?

While Gigster is considered a leading Toptal alternative to hire freelance software developers, there are a few cons to hiring from them. Let’s take a look at these to further determine if Gigster is the right fit for your project.  

  • Gigster is only suitable for those looking to outsource the development of an entire project. If your requirements are for individual tech talents, or if you’re a more technical founder who wishes to be hands-on with the project development and management aspects, then Gigster is unable to facilitate it.
  • The minimum price quoted for a Gigster engagement is $52,000 which is a pretty steep price to start with. And do keep in mind that Gigster’s AI powered quotation system is not an accurate determinant of the final project cost. 
  • While Gigster provides a designer to attend to your UI needs, it is worth noting that design is not one of their strong suits. Hence, if you require a top notch design aesthetic within your application, you may have to bring on a third-party designer to polish up their work.
  • Gigster does not offer a trial period, nor are you promissed a full refund if unhappy with the project outcome. Hence, be sure you want to hire them, before signing up and making the initial payment.


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