Gigster Alternatives And Competitors


Gigster uses AI to help you hire the best tech team for your project. It has a pool of top-quality developers and project managers. Its expert teams are able to assemble teams in 3-14 days. While there aren’t any restrictions on Toptal, Gigster only takes projects worth over a certain amount. 

You can get expert advice from any pro in the network, whether it’s an architect, UX designer or machine-learning master. You are given complete ownership and licensing for the software being built, so you’ll be able to use it and commercialise it according to your requirements.


Unlike Toptal, Gigster charges a per-project fee and their lowest cost per project is $52,000 per licence.

1. CloudDevs

CloudDevs logo
CloudDevs screenshot

2. Fiverr

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3. logo screenshot

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5. guru

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6. Andela

Andela logo
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7. FreeeUp

FreeeUp logo
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8. Hubstaff Talent

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9. People per hour

People per hour logo
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10. Pangara

Pangara logo
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11. TaskRabbit

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12. Upwork

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