CloudDevs Alternatives And Competitors


CloudDevs is a tech talent platform offering pre-vetted freelance developers and designers for hire. This leading Toptal alternative is home to 8000+ elite senior developers and designers from Latin America. Unlike Toptal, CloudDevs highly vetted senior talent is matched to the client’s needs and the recruitment procedure is completed within 48 hours. 


CloudDevs conducts its whole business remotely, allowing them to keep their overheads low and deliver the best possible pricing to their clients.  


Talent Location: Latin America 


Pricing: CloudDevs charges a transparent rate of $45 to $70 per hour and is the only top-ranked Toptal alternative to provide this pricing without compromising on quality. 


Skills Offered: Developers and Designers   


Hiring Process: Book a call with a senior consultant and let them know your development needs. If you have any secondary skills or soft skills requirements, ensure to mention them too. Based on your needs the CloudDevs team will assign you a few suitable pre-vetted talents from their pool to choose from within 48 hours. You can start working with the talent of your choice immediately on a 7-day free trial.  


Cancellation Policy: If you aren’t happy with your assigned talent, you may cancel anytime or ask for a new talent match that will be provided with another weeklong free trial.   


Recommended For: Hiring individuals as well as teams of developers and designers from your own timezone and at reasonable costs.


1. Fiverr

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2. Toptal

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3. Upwork

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6. TaskRabbit

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7. FreeeUp

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9. Gigster

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10. Outsourcely

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