Andela Alternatives And Competitors


Founded in 2014, Andela is a global job placement network that’s high in demand for hiring remote software developers. Andela offers predominantly African tech talents and assures top quality project output. Andela has a verification process to ensure the talents are legit and claim to hire only the top 2% of candidates that apply to become part of their network. It caters to over 110 countries spread across 6 different continents.

Andela strives to maintain quality and you are able to hire the team you desire, regardless of its size. Andela is phenominal talent hiring solution for those seeking remote technical experts for long-term placements within their organisations.


Brief Overview of Andela’s Offerings:

  • Offers pre-screened tech talents
  • Conducts data-driven matches to ensure there is a technical and cultural fit between the dev and the client
  • Talent pool is spread across Africa, Eastern Europe and South America
  • Emphasis on long-term contracts
  • While they claim to offer exceptional talent, their vetting process is not public, hence the quality of the talent cannot be guaranteed
  • Andela pricing can vary based on talent expertise and location


Why Should You Hire Tech Talent From Andela

Andela is a dev platform that provides companies access to exceptional talent from the world over. Andela’s talent pool comprises developers, engineers, remote technology experts and product designers.

Andela utilises machine learning and AI to find the right talent match for the client’s requirements. The clients are able to set up interviews with the potential team members and onboard new talents with ease, while Andela handles all payments and compliance.

While Andela started off as a platform for African developers, now they have expanded to provide talents from Eastern Europe, South America as well as Asia within their talent pool. The company focuses on matching their talents with clients that seek long-term engagements.

In 2022, Andela rebranded with an open marketplace that allows companies that are registered with the platform to browse through their talent network and directly interact with each other.


How Much Does Andela Cost? 

Andela does not have a flat rate and nor are they forthright with their pricing, but their services are expected to cost around the same price as Toptal. It’s presumed that Andela costs around $70-$200+ per hour for a mid-level developer.


How Long Does it Take to Hire Talent Through Andela

While Andela does not define their hiring time, based on customer reviews it is expected to take up to 3 weeks. This is so because clients have to conduct interviews with the potential talent to ensure it’s the right fit. 


Why Consider Andela Alternatives for Your Developer Hiring Requirements?

Andela is considered a Toptal alternative to hire freelance software developers. However, there are a few cons to hiring talent from Andela and we shall explore them in more detail here: 

  • Andela offers no definite trial period to test if the provided talent is the right fit for your project. 
  • Andela is not transparent about the rates of their talent so there’s no means of calculating your project cost without consulting them.
  • The company does not focus on senior talents. In fact, the majority of Andela’s talent pool consists of junior and mid-level developers.
  • Andela talent is worldwide and they do not offer timezone matching. Hence if you wish to find talent within your own time zone for better collaboration, then you’re better suited for Andela alternatives that offer this feature.

1. CloudDevs

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