Anja Health Alternatives And Competitors


“I created Anja because my brother’s last chance at treatment for cerebral palsy was umbilical cord blood and we couldn’t find a match because we’re mixed race.” -Anja Health Founder, Kathryn Cross Anja Health is a health and technology company providing umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta banking, being one of the few companies in the world to do so. Their focus is to bring a contemporary lens to cord blood banking.

1. Americord

Americord logo
Americord screenshot

2. Cord Blood Registry

Cord Blood Registry logo
Cord Blood Registry screenshot

3. Maze Cord Blood

Maze Cord Blood logo
Maze Cord Blood screenshot

4. MiracleCord

MiracleCord logo
MiracleCord screenshot

5. Viacord

Viacord logo
Viacord screenshot

6. Cryo-Cell

Cryo-Cell logo
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7. Lifebank USA

Lifebank USA logo
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8. StemCyte

StemCyte logo
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