Americord Alternatives And Competitors


One of the newer cord banks, Americord has been in operation since 2008. However, their experience goes back over 20 years: their laboratory has been working with cord bank companies since 1997 and has successfully stored over 35,000 units of cord blood.

With AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accreditation and FDA-regulated lab headquarters in New Jersey, Americord has garnered a strong reputation in its first 12 years of operation. Americord is one of the only cord banks to offer placenta cell storage along with cord blood and tissue storage.

Perhaps the most stand-out feature of Americord is its insurance policy. Most cord banks will reimburse you if your sample fails to engraft, but Americord offers the highest payback rate, at $110,000. Not only that, but the company offers generally competitive rates, no monthly storage fees, and no cancellation fees. While you can customize a plan based on your family’s needs, a one-time payment of around $5,998 will get you 20 years of storage for a single child.

1. Anja Health

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2. Cord Blood Registry

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3. Cryo-Cell

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4. Maze Cord Blood

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5. Lifebank USA

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