StemCyte Alternatives And Competitors


StemCyte has been in business since 1997 and currently has the most racially diverse pool of cord blood inventory. The company offers the best of both worlds: they are both a private cord bank and a public cord bank. Thus they not only offer you opportunities to store your child’s blood for future use, but also the chance to donate cord and stem blood for research.

Both AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) and FACT NetCord accredited, StemCyte has shipped over 2,200 transplants to date and operates on a worldwide scale, with shipments to over 350 countries. The company has successfully contributed to clinical trials for cerebral palsy, autism, stroke, and spinal cord injury.

Because they are both a public and private bank, StemCyte will offer a public sample free of charge if your sample doesn’t engraft, along with $50,000 in compensation and a full refund of all your fees. The company offers annual packages, 18-year storage programs or lifetime packages. There are a variety of payment plans but if paid in full at once, the price for one year of storage is $1,395.

1. Anja Health

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2. Cryo-Cell

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3. Maze Cord Blood

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4. Viacord

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5. MiracleCord

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