Cryo-Cell Alternatives And Competitors


Customer service is important when you are considering which cord bank to choose. With 24-hour phone support, online customer service chats, and excellent online reviews from customers, Cryo-Cell stands out in terms of customer care and accessibility. If that wasn’t enough, Cryo-Cell has a time-honored international reputation.

Established in 1989, Cryo-Cell was the first recognized cord bank in the world. It has since serviced over 500,000 clients in 87 countries worldwide. Cyro-Cell is accredited by the FDA, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), and FACT NetCord.

Should you decide to choose Cryo-Cell as your baby’s cord bank, the company offers several built-in protections, including a no-cancellation fee if you change your mind, and a $100,000 guarantee if your baby’s cord is used for transplant but doesn’t successfully engraft. Pricing starts with an initial fee of $1,675 and an annual storage fee of $175, though there are tiered options available depending on your specific needs.

1. Viacord

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2. StemCyte

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3. Maze Cord Blood

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4. Cord Blood Registry

Cord Blood Registry logo
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5. Lifebank USA

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6. Americord

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