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Marie Ng builds Llama Life – A Tool for Productivity & Focus While Staying Calm

19 May 2022 views
As a person with ADHD, Marie had spent many years in search of the right tool to help her manage her productivity and focus while still making it fun to get her work done. Hence...

Dave Kline, Ex COO of Bridgewater Associates shares his expertise in team management & recruitment

23 April 2022 views
On this episode of Founder Story, we’re pleased to present you Dave Kline, the brilliant coach and leadership trainer, ex alumni of Bridgewater Associates and Moody’s Analytics and owner of Dave brings together his...

Kathryn Cross Founder of Anja Health – A Startup Focusing on Cord Blood Banking

23 April 2022 views
For the young Kathryn Cross, building Anja Health was much more than just a startup idea. For Kathryn, it’s a life mission. Having experienced losing a loved one who could have been helped if they...

Aprilynne Alter on Tenderfoot – A Startup Connecting Students with Internships

8 April 2022 views
This episode is dedicated to young & versatile Aprilynne Alter, the brains behind the project Tenderfoot that’s gaining pace amongst college students striving to land the best internship opportunities out there. At the tender age...

Ahana Banerjee Talks About Clear – A skincare app born from a life-long search for clear skin

8 April 2022 views
On this episode of Founder Story, we’re stoked to present you the brilliant go-getter Ahana Banerjee. Ahana is the co-founder and CEO of Clear – an app that aims to revolutionize the skincare industry by...