Circle Pay Alternatives And Competitors


If you have a lot of international contacts, Circle Pay ticks all the boxes for peer-to-peer mobile payments. It lets you make payments to retailers as well as send and receive money from peers without paying any fees. The app links to bank accounts and debit or credit cards. You can place payment requests or send money over the messaging interface, using text messaging and email. It’s also secure, with two-factor authentication, TouchID, and PIN lock features to keep your payment details safe across international borders.

1. Venmo

Venmo logo
Venmo screenshot

2. Cash App

Cash App logo
Cash App screenshot

3. Staax

Staax logo
Staax screenshot

4. Robinhood

Robinhood logo
Robinhood screenshot

5. Acorns

Acorns logo
Acorns screenshot

6. Zelle

Zelle logo
Zelle screenshot