Neville discovered the power of copywriting while running a rave company. He was looking for ways to get its name out there.

Neville was introduced to copywriting by one of his pals in the hopes that his rave firm, “House of Rave,” would draw more attention. He then understood how much he had been losing out on and transformed his rave company into an email marketing firm overnight. He began presenting sales in various ways and discovered that getting people engaged in the product before it hit the market may result in greater sales. All it took was a few changes in words to create a dramatic result.

This was his secret to getting a number of targeted people to come to his website, consume the material and even buy.

Today, Neville uses his copywriting expertise to assist thousands of entrepreneurs and minimize the number of non-performing content on the internet. He also offers training material to those interested in honing their copywriting skills.

I’d say some people are a little too fascinated with the internet and trying to get their word out there when in fact to some of these old school marketing methods are coming back in style. In fact, you can buy billboards for cheaper than you can buy ads right now.

Listen to the full podcast to learn all about Neville Medhora, and his building journey and walk away with some valuable tips on all things copywriting!

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Episode Transcript:

[desiree]: In today’s episode we have Neville, the man behind Neville, welcome to the show.


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[neville]: Thank you for having me, appreciate it.


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[al]: Could you tell us a bit about, what does copywriting mean for those who don’t know, how would you describe that?


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[neville]: In my opinion copywriting means putting information from my head into your head or my head into a million people’s heads. And using the best conveyance possible. So

sometimes that’s text, sometimes it’s images, sometimes it’s video, sometimes it’s all of the above. And that’s in my opinion what copy writing is, and with the specific focus on

trying to sell something or convey some specific piece of information.


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[al]: I mean where do you see this as coming into play like, I see that we can definitely use that on let’s say landing pages, what are the use cases for copywriting?


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[neville]: My personal favorite one is email. Because you can send it to a 100,000

people and if you get the message across effectively and they need your product at that time, you give them an option to buy, and they buy immediately. And so it’s actually across any medium that you think of. So like I said text, video, images all those things you are trying to sell something eventually. So if you have a Twitter account, if you have a Facebook account, any social media account. You’re putting out videos right now. The ultimate goal of all of these is to get someone to buy your product right? And so what’s the best way to do that? And sometimes it’s actually putting out helpful content like this, where it’s not specific, we’re not saying buy CloudDevs or anything like that. But at the same time you’re trying to establish yourself for an authority then people check out CloudDevs. So that’s what copywriting is. It’s the train of thought to get people to a sale, and which is the best way to do that. It’s constantly changing with technology.


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[al]: Right, what would be your real one like first time you had result with copy copywriting? Maybe you did something like, a real world, of shit moment, this thing works?


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[neville]: Yeah. And it was it was quite dramatic actually. I was running a rave company. Like rave parties. I’ve never been to a rave in my entire life till this day. But I ran a rave dropshipping company and it was called ‘House of Rave’. And it was essentially the way that we got people to buy was, we dominated the search engine results, people found us and they would buy. So it was almost like, I would hope and pray people find us and then they would buy. And that worked fine. But then I started learning about copywriting from a friend’s recommendation. And I started reading about this and I was like I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I realized I think I’ve been messing up how I’ve been trying to sell things this whole time. And happy that I just discovered it. And so overnight ‘House of Rave’ became like an email marketing company, more so than an SEO company. And the reason was we started we started presenting sales in different ways. Before I’d say we have a product on sale, buy it. That’s it. that was that was the whole thing. That’s what I thought you do. And I never realized maybe you can tell a story about this, maybe you can show some reasons people would be interested in this, maybe you can show some alternative use cases for this product. And really get people invested in the product see the value of the product and then offer them a sale. And so we did that and overnight that was like our top selling day. And and from then on that’s how we made most of our money from email and that was because of copywriting. Just we just changed the words in our email around and there was a dramatically different result. Because we were already sending emails we already had email sending software, no technology change, just the way we approached it changed that’s it. 


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[al]: What kind of difference are you talking about here, in terms of numbers? Let’s say pre revenue before you did this, the revenue was x what kind of increment did you see after that?


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[neville]: Yeah, so I actually know exactly. So it cost me eighty bucks a month for the email sending software and I would make forty dollars a month off of emails. So I was going negative actually. And I thought that maybe I’m just doing it to put my brand out there right. That’s the way I thought at the time. And then when I started doing this each email would bring in 3 to 10 grand depending on the sale that we did right. And so every time we sent out an email we can depend on revenue.


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[al]: You used to be in negative? Then you went to like thee to ten grand like literally overnight?


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[neville]: Yes. It cost more to have the tech to send the email, than we’d actually make on

email. Yeah. No one was buying anything. That’s the funny part, that’s why I told you it was dramatic from negative to actually being the main driver of our sales. And then, I’m not even counting, I’m not even counting the time that I took. So I very much prided myself on making good images, so we take all these images. So if you count the amount of time per newsletter, it’s probably 10 to 20 hours of my own sweat equity. Putting that in not to mention just we were just going negative on the money part so it was it was almost kind of a hilarious type of thing I was doing it was almost negative, its negative, which is not a good business practice.


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[al]: So let’s say a founder, just starting up, he has his landing page explaining his product. Maybe he has generic stuff right now. How would you go about describing it? What would be the best approach to selling on a landing page?


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[neville]: Well it depends. So so the landing page just remember, the landing page is not the thing that we’re focusing on. The landing page is just a piece of tech that we currently use. Currently a lot of people expect to go to a landing page. Just remember 30 years ago no one ever went to a landing page ever because it didn’t exist. And so so that it was a different way of getting the message out. So I would take stock of what that person has,  right. So let’s say you have a real really large LinkedIn following of SaaS founders. Well I would probably start right there. You know, screw the landing page first. I would focus on that audience. And the other thing, but to answer your question, what would you put on the landing page? I would basically, I would describe it in one sentence like we were talking to each other. So for example CloudDevs, explain in one sentence what it does.


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[al]: We provide vetted developers from the LatAms.


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[neville]: Okay so so if you need tech talent from Latin American countries you go to CloudDevs right? So I would I would put something like that. So I think a lot of founders, especially very technical founders, will try to describe their technology, in technologist type terms. And that’s great if you’re talking to a CTO. But if you’re talking to the average user, they don’t really care about your technology, they kind of care about the end results that you get. So when I buy an Iphone particularly care that they develop some sort of neuro network chip, I just know that it takes really good photos. That’s, that’s all I really care about, and then if I really want to dive down I can find that information, but it’s not necessary to show you know on the front of the homepage necessarily. Just show me that this takes more awesome photos than anything. And so just simply describing things like you would describe to a person is the number one thing, especially I tell to engineers, it’s like how would you tell me in one sentence or your mom what this product does? And that’s what the landing page should have, just a bunch of different features. And my favorite thing to do for software, is just show it. Show it in action. Show a GIF, show a video. Software is pretty binary, it either does the task or it does not. You can’t really lie about it. So so it’s great. So if I’m buying let’s say software like Calendly. It shows me a GIF of someone booking a time and then it just goes to my schedule, that’s it. I understand intuitively from that GIF what happened. I don’t even really need to describe it.


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[al]: So based on what you’re saying, you make gifs count as copywriting as well. So it’s not just necessarily words right?


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[neville]: Absolutely, I think the term copywriting expands as the the technology expands. So when people say it’s just the written word, I’m like I mean look at any software company’s web page. Do you think its only written words? I would employ you to find any of them that is just written words. And so like I said, my definition of copywriting is not just text on a page, it’s getting information from my brain to your brain in the most efficient way possible. Maybe it’s an image with zero text on it, I’d still consider that copywriting.


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[al]: Got it. Let’s look back to the initial question. Let’s say you’re just starting out as a founder right, you want to bring in traffic. You’re using copywriting, your writing skills to bring in traffic. I think you mentioned a really important thing like bring traffic from let’s say your Twitter following. What might be, what would be the best support for a founder just starting out?


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[neville]: Well do you want, let’s work backwards here. I think the goal is incorrect there. The goal seems to be traffic, but is that really the goal?


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[al]: The goal should be conversions right?


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[neville]: The goal should be sales. Right?


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[al]: right exactly


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[neville]: So so so just keep in mind the goal is sales. Whether that’s offline, online, they don’t come through the web page, they come through the phone. I don’t really care which which method it is yeah. And so so just raw traffic, we’ve built a lot of sites with you know half a million visits per month in search engine traffic, but that converts to zero sales, right. So traffic is irrelevant. I’d rather have you know two traffic and two sales rather than a hundred thousand traffic and zero sales. And so so the goal is sales. And a lot of times, especially with B2B products, most of the sales are created over the phone and so sometimes people put too much investment into their web pages, when I’m telling them your web page should have one goal and that is not to make a sale, it’s to get them on the phone, right. That’s, that’s your number one goal. And so whenever I look at any sort of piece of marketing, I tell people to look backwards, what is your goal and everything we do is just to get to that goal, that’s it. There’s no other purpose of the page. So a lot of times people will try to spend too much time like what about this color, what about this background, I’m like does that matter or are we just trying to get them on the phone? Are we just trying to collect their information? Because I’d rather do what what best does that and sometimes having a fancy web page is almost the opposite. So actually, I bet, you’re in the B2B space. I bet, if you notice, you go to almost any B2B site, look what’s working, look what everyone does. The reason everyone does something is oftentimes because it works. What they have instead of a buy button for B2B software, they often have like an intake form, like so download this white paper, enter your name, enter your email, enter your revenue, enter the size of the team all that kind of stuff. They’re doing that because the way that all those sales are made are over the phone, over a sales call, not from someone clicking buy like a consumer product. So that’s what I always tell people. Work backwards to the goal and everything should revolve around that.


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[al]: i mean what’s working right now especially I think social media marketing is like really primarily used by pretty much all the companies right now. How important is that? Is that something founder should be in seriously?


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[neville]: Of course because because it used to be that the only way to get leads was go outbound, so you have a team that calls everyone and maybe one percent of those people respond. Instead, now you’re getting inbound leads. So the internet has been very much a game changer for that. People can come to my website, explore my content on while I’m sleeping it doesn’t really matter and then they sign up, they do all the work, they are an inbound lead. So the internet is a great way to do that. So if you have a social following, I would also just say ignore the term social media it has such a negative connotation, I’d say ignore social media. It’s just, we’re just connecting with people whatever platform you choose you do a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube whatever it doesn’t really matter. But the point is, go where your audience actually is. So if you’re selling B2B software oftentimes your prime audience may not be on TikTok for four hours a day, right? But LinkedIn is where it’s all happening. So I would say try to dominate one platform where you think you you know that most of your customers hangout the absolute most. And and if you put out content based arond hiring devs in Latin America and people start following you let’s say you do this for two years straight you make a commitment that you’re going to put out a lot of good information on this topic, you become the authority whenever someone does want to hire a dev from Latin America or for a better price than they find here in the States then maybe they can come to you. So you get inbound leads. But it does take effort. Everyone knows everyone wants inbound leads right? It’s a high commodity. So everyone wants to be at the top of the search results, they want to be at the top of social media, they want to be top of mind, but you have to put effort into that. So it’s just rather directing a budget from like a sales team into a marketing team so you get inbounds.


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[al]: And let’s say if somebody wants to get started to learn about copywriting, you’re offering up an excellent course, one of the courses I took when I started up. It definitely did help me and also the marketing person we brought in the first thing we did was literally she had to go through the course, asked her to do that. So that definitely did help us a lot. I mean for a lay person who’s just listening to it maybe doesn’t know about copywriting as much just getting introduced to the whole thing, what can a person learn from that course right now? How helpful would that be for them?


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[neville]: So here’s the thing. One idea can pretty much change the trajectory of a lot. So whenever I told you that example of our my rave company went from an SEO company to an email marketing company overnight, that was from a friend saying you should probably learn about copywriting. The way I did it, I read this old school copywriter named Gary Halbert. It

was called The Boron Letters that he wrote from jail. He’s a kind of you know gray area, black area, direct response marketer. But there’s a lot of interesting lessons to learn about psychology behind him. So the technology changes throughout the years but the human brain hasn’t changed in quite an amount of time. So creating demand, creating a sale, creating interest for someone has been the same for a very long amount of time. So I started reading all these old school copywriters and applying it to my own business. And I think the applying it to my own business part was far more impactful. So of course there is the learning aspect, but then there’s the actual doing aspect that as you know, you can teach someone to ride a bike all day conceptually, but until they put their legs on a pedal it doesn’t really matter that then it all of a sudden clicks in place. So with Copywriting Course, it’s actually more than just a course, there are videos that you can watch with training, but then we put assignments to everything. And we’ve actually been increasing that as the technologies gets better, we have an entire forum inside there. And not only do you get assignments but people will give feedback, so professional writers get feedback on your writing. So that I think is the most helpful part that you can go learn, practice and get feedback so you can learn, practice and iterate on your copywriting. And you’ll start to notice that let’s say you learn how to write a cold email a little bit better, you’ll notice that that lesson applies to sales pitches, you’ll notice that that lesson applies to social media, that lesson applies to youtube, it applies to basically getting information across to another person in the best way possible. That’s what we’re trying to teach you. So no matter what the technology that springs up next is, let’s say VR takes over, you’ll be able to tell a good story and make sales in VR because it does, the technology is irrelevant, the psychology is the most important thing. So that’s what we pride ourselves on, so when people join the Copywriting Course, they get access to whatever they’re working on so if they’re trying to send emails we say just go to this email writing course and we’ll show you the best way. Then you apply that and iterate and get better and better and better and the cool thing is once you know how to do that you kind of know how to do it for life so that’s why it’s such an impactful skill. I say just being able to rearrange words or rearrange the story that you’re telling someone is it’s such an good impactful skill because it costs very little to know money but the result can be tremendous.


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[al]: Let’s talk to me about email marketing. How important is that today? Is it still working today or is it most spammy if you’re doing it right now? How do you see that?


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[neville]: It’s still, it’s still the number one thing. I know I know social media so you get TikTok and Instagram all that kind of stuff, that that’s hot and sexy but email marketing still is the way that most big companies make most of their money. That is that every single person I know it’s usually where most of the money comes in. If they do a product launch they send it out to their email list. If they have a product, a brand new feature, they send it out to their email list, if they are trying sign up free customers the number one thing they ask for is their email. If you’re giving away a download the number one thing they ask for is an email. Look at every single big social media traffic site or social channel that you’e looking at, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok they still try to get you to their website so they can sign up your email. And so it’s like why is every single person in the world that’s good at marketing trying to get your email. And it’s because the single path that you completely own for the most part. Maybe you could argue that, maybe Google owns it a little bit, but most you control that path. So Facebook pages, remember Facebook pages a long time ago, ten plus years ago people were spending millions of dollars to boost their Facebook pages. When’s the last time you’ve been to a Facebook page? It is wiped off the face of the earth for the most part and so the technology changes quite a bit, but email is always the same. Email you can depend on. And also email is not quite as annoying as text messages. Text messages interrupt people when you send them. Email is like you can send quite a bit of email and you don’t actually interrupt people’s day rather they check their inbox at their own leisure and see your emails. But the nature of email has been changing. I think you cannot spam people as much, people have far more filters which thank god otherwise my my  gmail would be a nightmare. But you have to send good stuff by mail. You can’t just send like, hey buy this, hey buy this, hey buy that. People will unsubscribe. Unless they specifically want for whatever reason that product to spam them. So for that reason I’d say email is still the number one marketing channel. If I had to give up all of my different channels, I would still keep email over everything. That is is where all my revenue comes from. All the people that have consulted with us, that’s pretty much one hundred percent of the case the email list is still by far the most important thing even though it’s been around for a while email still seems old but it’s far better than any social channel I’ve seen so far.


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[al]: So how do you stand out? I mean if you let’s say my email gets flooded with mails every day. So let’s say you want to stand out among the other emails, how do you do that?


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[neville]: Give good content. So here’s the thing, I made up a rule. So I was I was part of this company called AppSumo right? And so I was writing all the emails out to a million plus people a day. And the number one thing I know so I made up a pneumonic, it’s 70% content 30% sales. If I was trying, I was trying to sell something to someone every single day we were basically like Groupon for software. We’re trying to pitch you something every single day in email. So that means every single day I show up in your inbox and I go hey buy this thing. Now that’s pretty annoying for the most part. So how did I get around that? I said let me give them mostly good content, it had to be way above 50%. So I said 70% good content 30% sales. So if I said let’s say there’s a there’s a software called Grasshopper which is like a phone tree system, so when someone calls your number it has a phone tree system an automated response system and directs your call. And so you can make a one person lawyer look like they have a big law firm. You can make one person ecommerce shop look like they have a big support department right? And so I said instead of saying Grasshopper, a $100 off here you go, that’s a little bit annoying and doesn’t provide much context. I would say how can I provide 70% of the value. So I say here how I used Grasshopper in my own company and made my small one person company look like a big company and it also gave me more time to get on the phone and answer someone’s question. A nd so I would show that process and by the end people go oh that’s really cool I could use that for my company, I can use that for my law firm, I could use that for my plumbing company, I could use that for my electrician company. And then at the end I say by the way we have a deal on it. So I’m actually telling them I’m informing them with something new, they learned something from that email. And they could look forward to opening that email every single day and learning something new even if they don’t buy it. That was my deal with them and so people said I love your newsletter and in the back of my mind I’m like I mean I’m trying to sell you something every day I should be an annoying person but I’m not. And it was because I was giving them a lot of value and so that’s what I think the cardinal sin of many email newsletters, they’ll be an insurance company and they’ll just say buy this product, buy this product, here’s one of our other products. It’s all about me me me me me rather than what can you give them, what you give the user that’s educational for them right? That that’s the secret to a really, really good newsletter 70% content 30% percent sales.


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[al]: Right. And going forward on the horizon what is that you’re seeing as new means of marketing apart from social media in marketing do you see something interesting coming up that people should be looking out for?


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[neville]: Yeah, going back to old school stuff. So so people have moved away from all the old school they moved away from radio, they moved away from newspapers and moved from bill boards, bus station flyers, sponsoring a bench you know those types of things that used to be the way that people marketed. But now all this new fangled internet stuff is coming up. And the internet stuff is far more interesting cause if you buy a billboard, you have no idea who’s seen it there’s no there’s no numbers, no metrics. Very, very vague metrics that you can get, whereas if you sponsor a Facebook ads you can see exactly how many people bought it, How many cents you spent, all that kind of stuff. So people get fascinated and move towards the internet but forget that there’s a whole world of offline like most of the economy by and large is off the internet. And so I think people forget about those old school marketing tactics let me give a quick story. This woman came to me a few years ago and wanted to dominate the internet for her, she lived in a medium sized city in the United States. She wanted to be the number one realestate agent online. And I remember thinking like why online? Because she didn’t know much about the internet, she was very not internet savvy. So she spent two years trying to do this and came to me as a last resort and I said what were your past results. And she told me she used to be the number two realtor in that whole area and I was like what are you doing on this internet stuff? And she’s like don’t know I just thought the internet kind of the future whatever. I’m like you’re competing with Redfin, Zillow, all these different marketplaces that are really good at the internet. There’s almost no way you, who have no benefit or advantage on the internet, will win. And I asked what did you used to do to be the number two real estate agent in the entire area? She’s like well every Tuesday I just went and knocked on a bunch of doors and just talked to people. I was like well then do that! Like you should not do this internet stuff, you’re at a huge disadvantage. And so so she started doing that again and going up the ranks incredibly fast. Her second marketing method that worked really well, you know the signs on the side of the road that say we buy your house that kind of thing, they put those up. That’s it. That was her whole marketing budget. Her knocking on doors and putting these signs up. And she started going up again and she ditched the whole internet thing. So I think too many people try to compete on the internet when in fact the internet is sometimes a little bit zero sum. For example how many number one Google results are there when you search. There’s one so that means everyone’s competing for that one spot, right? But but how many intersections are there in a city? Hundreds, thousands that you can put signs up that you have no competition on. And so I think actually going backwards sometimes is the best. And a lot of people come to us saying like how do we get leads on our home page and get them to convert with an auto responder. I’m like have you ever thought of calling them? You know that is still one of the biggest ways that most business is done. So if you look at Facebook, Microsoft, Google all these places have 20,000+ sales people. All their biggest accounts have people that they’re just two people talking over the phone. That’s most of what the business is, that’s most of how the economy runs. And so I’d say some people are a little too fascinated with the internet and trying to get their word out there when in fact to some of these old school marketing methods are coming back in style. In fact you can buy billboards for cheaper than you can buy ads right now. so I’ve seen companies buying billboards and spending 10,000 dollars on that to get all this all this publicity on billboards rather than just you know a few days worth of Facebook ads. So it it just depends what’s the cheapest way to get the word out to the most amount of people.


00:24:24,959 –> 00:24:33,011

[al]: Let’s talk about a bit about AppSumo. Did AppSumo stop marketing aside from email period at this point? They are a huge company I think they are at nine figure revenue. How instrumental email was for them?


00:24:40,311 –> 00:24:40,998 

[neville]: I mean email is the whole thing. Where else does AppSumo make revenue? It’s all email, 100% email. I wish there was a better answer I wish I could say oh partially social, it’s all email. All email, so I mean, so and it’s also you send out an email informing people of a deal and show them how it works and all that kind of stuff and at the end you say this deal is about to go away, and you’ll always see a big flood of orders on that last day when it’s about to go away. But AppSumo the most valuable thing is the email list, I mean absolutely by far. And if someone were to acquire a company like that what they’re buying is that customer list, that email list. That’s what they’re buying. so another company I’m involved with, called The Hustle sold, and what HubSpot bought The Hustle for was the access to all those readers. the email list. That was also an email marketing company. That’s it. I mean can call it an events company, you can call it all that, but everything was based off the email list.


00:25:40,545 –> 00:25:47,680

[al]: Right how about if a new founder tried to create a list of email what be the best way to collect mails right now?


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[neville]: I think the, so number one is still the same tactics, like if you go on Google and type in how to collect get email addresses all those articles would be correct, all those tactics are exactly the same. What I think is hard is for people to want to be on your email list. So just remember the jig is up. Everyone knows that email is valuable now right. Twenty years ago is still kind of a secret only a few people knew about it. But now everyone knows and so what can someone get that they’re going to sign up for your email with. So I actually think software companies have done a good job so if you want if you want access to our software for free for a week you have to sign up your email list. So they get your email address over there. The other way is social media nowadays. So if you follow Twitter or anything, you see most people when they write long threads in order to get followers, they’re all actually eventually trying to convert you to an email subscriber. That’s the ultimate goal. or if you look at any big YouTube channel they always try to direct you to a website where you sign up your email. And so you can put out content to get people’s email but just remember content marketing is a long term game. There is something to say that like you should be willing to do this several times a week for two years. If you’re not willing to do that I don’t think content marketing is going to work too well. And so that’s the number one way offering free downloads of something so something valuable that people can get. It used to be like download this pdf. Which works still works to this day, but I think for example let’s say here’s a couple of different downloads I’ve made that are really good. I made a pricing calculator, so how much should you charge, let’s say you want to make a million dollars in revenue. so I type in a million and it shows me how many products I need to sell to make a million dollars, right. so I need to sell ten products at a 100,000 dollars or a 100 products at a 1000 dollars to make a million revenue like that. I made a little calculator like that and offered that download and a bunch of people downloaded it. That was a good example of how to get people their email. another one is giveaways. This one works really well, but can bring in low quality people. So let me tell you how to do this. giveaways are very effective, saying like we’re going to give this away there’s some software called KingSumo, some there’s different Rafflecopter there’s all sorts of different software that will do it. And you can run a giveaway and then people can bring in their friends for extra points. These work very well, but you have to be very careful about what you give away. So for example, I run a writing company. If I was saying I’m going to giveaway a Macbook Pro, you know who wants a Macbook Pro for free, everyone in the world. There’s no one who doesn’t want that or I’m gonna give away a Tesla. everyone wants a free Tesla. But instead what I do to make sure the giveaways are very targeted like targeted email addresses I say I’m going to give away my ten favorite copywriting books. So it’s not a very high price prize but the people that really want that are all going to be the people that I want on my email list. So giveaways are still a very good tactic to do. I’d say going on ProductHunt, so if there’s there’s a new founder, I’d say doing something like ProductHunt and launching and then on their web page saying get on our web beta list and sign in for an email address, that is a very valid way also to get interested customers. Just remember if you’re going to get custo.. emails you want your target customer preferably. You don’t just want random emails. You’ll eventually have to filter those out and then people will not be interested in your emails in the long run. So all those methods are very good and the funny thing is I wish there was some secret but every big company have been involved with to make a big email let’s let’s say The Hustle or the AppSumo reaching million, two million things and then my own email lists in hundreds of thousands, that kind of stuff it’s like just doing these things over and over and over for years is how you build those big email lists. Doing a giveaway and then sometimes the giveaways don’t work all that well and then you offer a download, and then you have a popular post on google or SEO ranks number one so you put a download at the end for that doing all those things is how you build an email list overtime. I wish it was more magic than that but that is the answer. It’s a little bit boring but that is how you do it.


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[al]: So if people are to find you where can they find you on socials so they can learn more from you?


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[neville]: The ultimate place where most of my writing lives is So if you go there you’ll see our blog, we have a podcast all that kind of stuff. You can also follow

me on twitter @nevmed. I’m most active there in terms of most amount of activity. And then it flows into all our other things. So you can follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook I post all

the content there too. But for the most part I’m active on Twitter if you want to interact with me or you can join our copywriting course so not only is it of course, but we actually I’m in there all day. So we acually have a big community that’s the main thing that people come for and then every Thursday we do office hours so if you want to ask me a question say hey how can I make this email newsletter better well I’ll actually review it for you on live and we’ll just talk about it. So it’s kind of like get free consulting too. So pretty accessible inside the course so I’d say go to And if you want to see what we do for email newsletters you go to or and we send out a Friday newsletter and then we also offer all these different copywriting tips that we send out every single week. So probably send two emails a week to you including a Friday newsletter. So if you want tomake your own newsletter for your company I would say making a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter is probably one of the best ways to do email marketing right now. People like newsletters. People like getting it at the same time on the same day and it’s actually very simple. I wrote a, if you type in how to build a newsletter, I made a really good video that a lot of people have used and copied and I’d say do it too. A process on how to make a really good newsletter and you can actually put one of your employes in charge of it. It’s  pretty good, so follow me on basically.


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[al]: And what about Youtube? Are you active on Youtube as well?


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[neville]: Yeah if you type in Neville Medhora on Youtube or Neville copywriting on youtube so its and it’s spelled with a K so yeah


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[al]: So I think that’s going to attach all the URLs on the description as well on the video

so people can find you. The that was super helpful I’m sure of people who like to reach out to you follow you and sign up to the course. So they can find you details from the description we’re gonna add that and thanks coming in thank you very much, appreciate it!


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[neville]: No worrie thanks for having me I appreciate it was an honor. Thank you Al thank

 you desiree appreciate it thank you 

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