Turing Alternatives And Competitors


Established in 2018 in Palo Alto, California, Turing is a world-class remote developer platform that acts as a leading Toptal competitor. Offering highly vetted global tech talents on full-time, long-term contracts, Turing ensures their global developers are matched with quality clients from the US.  


Turing claims that less than 1% of the talents are admitted to the platform after going through their stringent talent screening process that covers tech stacks, coding challenges, soft skills and communication. 


Brief Overview of Turing’s Offerings:

  • Highly vetted pool of developers from around the world
  • Developer rates vary (up to $150 per hour)
  • Only offers dev talents onboard
  • AI powered talent sourcing process 
  • Specialised software for project management
  • 5 days to hire talent 


Why Should You Hire Tech Talent From Turing?

Turing offers an AI powered intelligent talent cloud that matches clients to the most suitable candidates within their pool. The highly vetted software engineers at Turing stand as a great Toptal alternative for those seeking remote developers for full-time engagements offered on long-term contracts.  

All Turing talents have undergone up to 10 hours of rigorous skill testing that assures the quality of their developers. All Turing clients are provided access to their collaborative project software that enables them to conduct one-on-one meetings with their devs, track time and performance, and effectively manage their project.


How Much Does Turing Cost? 

At Turing, the talents are paid by the hour and their rates vary based on the requirements of the client and the base rate set by each developer, hence you wouldn’t be able to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your talent prior to signing up. However, based on past reviews of clients, and factoring in that Turing claims to pay their developers some of the highest salaries in the market, Turing devs are expected to cost upwards of $100 per hour.


How Long Does it Take to Hire Talent Through Turing?  

Hiring developers from the pre-vetted tech talent pool at Turing generally takes about 5 to 7 days. The hiring time is subject to availability and due to Turing’s emphasis on offering their talents full-time hours with long-term contracts, all their devs are in search of serious engagements thus making it difficult to fill short term requirements within a week.


Why Consider Turing Alternatives for Your Developer Hiring Requirements?

While Turing is still considered a leading Toptal alternative to hire freelance software developers, there are a few cons to hiring from Turing based on customer feedback.

  • There has been much negative feedback on Turing’s lack of communication when customers have inquiries that require urgent responses.
  • Turing offers developers for long-term projects, so if you require talent for a short-term contract, you would have to consider a Turing alternative that offers more flexibility with contracts.
  • Turing only offers software engineering talents within their platform. If your hiring requirements are inclusive of other talents such as designers and project managers similar to Toptal, you would have to consider a Turing alternative that offers a wider range of talents. 
  • The developer pool at Turing is somewhat limited, which results in longer hiring time, especially if your project requirement is not long-term or full-time.


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