Rent the Runway Alternatives And Competitors


Rent the Runway is one of the most trending apps at the moment that involves a great idea of using the clothes. Moreover, it fits this list just perfectly. Here you can find the finest designer dresses, and rent them for a couple of hours, for a day, a couple of days – as long as you need.

Actually, in this app, you can rent not only dresses but any kind of clothes from the most diverse brands. This idea of the app is actually really cool since nowadays, with all the Instagram fast fashion many people just need an outfit for one photoshoot and then they will never wear it again.

So why waste time, money, and, what is more important, pollute the atmosphere by throwing clothes, that you wore one time, away? Just take it for a lease!

1. Your Closet

Your Closet logo
Your Closet screenshot

2. Dressd

Dressd logo
Dressd screenshot

3. Style Theory

Style Theory logo
Style Theory screenshot

4. Rent My Wardrobe

Rent My Wardrobe logo
Rent My Wardrobe screenshot

5. OhLook

OhLook logo
OhLook screenshot