MyFitnessPal Alternatives And Competitors


MyFitnessPal is on of the largest food database of any food tracking app. It also has unique features that make adding food to your log a breeze. You can use the barcode scanner or import recipes via a URL. It’s also great for managing your own recipes because it can automatically calculate the calories for you based on the ingredients.

Another unique feature of MyFitnessPal is its end of the day summary. After you complete your daily food log, it reports back to you that based on your day’s intake of food that you will be X weight by X time. This can be helpful information in gauging the feasibility of your goals. As a safety measure, the app will only let you lose a maximum of two pounds per week and will give warning messages if you are losing weight too fast or not consuming enough calories.

1. Noom

Noom logo
Noom screenshot

2. Mochi Health

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Mochi Health screenshot

3. Lose It!

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4. Weight Watchers

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5. Future

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6. Fooducate

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