Future Alternatives And Competitors


If you’re looking for help with the exercise portion of your weight loss journey, the Future app is an excellent choice. To start, you’ll answer a survey about your exercise goals, preferences and previous stumbling blocks, and outline what you’re looking for in a coach. The app will then suggest a few trainers that you might like to work with.

Once you choose your trainer, they’ll create an exercise program that’s designed for your goals. You’ll get new workouts every week, along with instructions on how to perform any movements. We really like Future’s emphasis on communication—you have unlimited messaging with your coach through the app, and they’ll tweak your program if you’re struggling or need more of a challenge. You can even send them videos of you performing the workout moves, so you can be sure you’re doing them correctly.

1. Lose It!

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Lose It! screenshot

2. Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers screenshot

3. Noom

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4. Mochi Health

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5. Fooducate

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