FeelinMySkin Alternatives And Competitors


FeelinMySkin helps you learn about your skin and develop regular skin care routines.

FeelinMySkin app assumes you already know your skin type, whether it’s oily, combination, or something else entirely. However, once you’ve given the app your skin type, it will describe the primary concerns that come with it, as well as the main trouble regions and how frequent it is.

Then, using the products you currently own, you can develop a series of skincare routines. T his app will not make product recommendations for your routine. Its goal is to establish a consistent schedule rather than to discover new products and ingredients.

A nice little feature called Term of the Day is also included in the app. This function allows you to learn one new phrase related to skincare every day, so you can improve your skin while learning!

1. Clear

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2. Cloe

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3. Mimoglow

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4. Skin Bliss

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5. TroveSkin

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