Clear Alternatives And Competitors


Clear is a social commerce app for skincare that allows users to log and share their routines.

The founders wanted to create a tool to help people track their own skin progress, create more transparency in the process of learning which products to use, and drive cosmetic formulators to create more innovative products and make data-driven decisions, having struggled with their own skin as youngsters.

1. Cloe

Cloe logo
Cloe screenshot

2. FeelinMySkin

FeelinMySkin logo
FeelinMySkin screenshot

3. Mimoglow

Mimoglow logo
Mimoglow screenshot

4. Picky

Picky logo
Picky screenshot

5. Skin Bliss

Skin Bliss logo
Skin Bliss screenshot

6. TroveSkin

TroveSkin logo
TroveSkin screenshot